why is core reprogramming needed?

As we grow older, the amazing ability to move and perform that we experienced in our youth is not lost but repressed by the effects of a variety of short-term and chronic stresses that impact us both physically and emotionally.

These negative forces prevent us from accessing the best parts of our nervous system that are critical for maintaining physical, emotional and spiritual health. When this happens, we become disconnected from our body’s original design for life and movement.

The Core Reprogramming method when combined with the CRa tool, applies neuroscience techniques to access and heal on an unprecedented deep level, addressing the ‘Cause of the Cause’.

Instead of treating symptoms the way many traditional approaches to healing often do, Core Reprogramming restores well-being by treating the root causes of the breakdowns within our bodies. 

A person may attribute their chronic lower back pain to a bulging disc. The CRa gives that person the ability to treat the deeper cause of why the disc began to bulge in the first place.

Core Reprogramming, using the CRa’s system of carefully crafted exercises, will transform your body and movement by reactivating the neurological pathways from your youth that have withered and become stagnant.  

Aging doesn’t have to mean growing old. 

Live a healthier, more energized and satisfying life.

Discover for yourself how Core Reprogramming and the CRa is an opportunity for anyone who is serious about changing the quality of their life for the better.

Who can benefit from CR?

Transform the Quality of Your Life

Like a computer, our nervous system’s ‘hard drive’ becomes corrupted by a combination of stress, daily habits, past injury, and lack of proper exercise. 

People of all ages, diverse backgrounds and athletic performance levels struggle, often choosing harmful paths that fail to adequately address these negative forces.

Today, there are more options to help our bodies than at any other time in our history, yet society as a whole is threatened by more forces that negatively affect our bodies than ever before! 

Buried deep within our body’s physiology is an amazing design for healing, stability, and youthful movement lying dormant.

Although buried, it can be uncovered, re-activated, and reprogrammed.

  • Core Reprogramming is for anyone who desires to take their health, wellness, and performance to the highest levels.
  • Core Reprogramming is for you if you want to learn how to tap into the buried healing mechanisms inside of your body, so that you can thrive in any circumstance.

Join the Core Reprogramming Community today and discover the path to more vitality, energy, and more youthful and athletic movement (at any age).

It’s a revolutionary system of exercises combined with a transformative tool that goes deeper than any other training system, and is simple to use and provides faster results.

Ancient Wisdom meets modern science

The Core Reprogramming Activator

With over 75 established transformative exercises, the CRa is designed to purge the negative forces that impact your nervous system, restoring it to its original design.

Training The Trunk To Stabilize While The Hips Generate Movement And Power.  Using Metronome App To Improve Timing Of The Nervous System.

Training The Backside Stabilizers To Activate While Mimicking Flying With A Wingsuit.  Moving Out Only One Arm Creates Imbalances, Activating The Core To New Levels.

Deep Squat Training To Directly Activate The Deepest Core Muscles In The Pelvis.

Use Of Pivot Vibration Plate To Reprogram Deep Core Activation At Levels Of Brain And Spinal Cord.

Versatile and Effective

Patent-Pending Technology

An excerpt from Live Abundantly, a recent book featuring Matthew Fischer:

The Seven Keys to transformational exercise

As a physical therapist, I’ve spent 21 years searching for the underlying causes of the body’s decline and breakdown.

Our bodies break down when we fail to address these root causes that damage it. Then our medical system takes charge, typically offering a progression of medications, injections, and surgery.

Is there a better path? Yes! Allow your amazing inner design to come to the surface! With the latest neuroscience, we are able to access a buried code that allows us to retrain and restore the body’s original design for movement. This can slow and even reverse the body’s decline, while boosting performance.

You can ignite this code by including the following neurological elements into a daily exercise routine:

  1. Simple biofeedback/self-awareness
  2. Primal movement retraining such as breathing
  3. Positions that favor neurological development, especially supine and prone
  4. Retraining with quality technique: slow, without compensation
  5. Total integration: mind/heart/body/soul
  6. Rebooting and/or eliminating hidden neurological patterns distorted by stress and injury
  7. Neurological core activation

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we’ve been conditioned to believe that our chronological ages determine how fast our parts wear out. This is far from the truth. You feel old because you’ve lost connection with the key parts of your nervous system that impact the quality of how you move. In most cases, these connections can be restored. The CR exercises developed on the CRa have been created to fast-forward this process by creating as direct a path to the breakdowns of the body as possible.

Absolutely, I have developed many exercises to quiet and eventually conquer the way our nervous system up-regulates stress. Removing stress, fear, and anxiety from the nervous system is a fundamental element of the transformation process. Quieting stress using the CR method, effectively prepares the body to be receptive to the reprogramming effects.

The CRa uses highly proprietary neuroscience-based movement to access the deep controls within that have gone amiss.   By addressing these breakdowns in such a direct way, the CRa is able to treat the root cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.    Since we’ve found the way to effectively do this with modern science applied through the CRa, the results in restoring movement and performance are reproducible when a person closely follows the CR method.

Yes, and no. Having worked with pain for 22 years on a daily work basis, pain can be a major distraction to the inner qualities one should focus on and “listen to.” In other cases, pain can cause a guarding response that does not allow for the reprogramming effect. In general, pain should be minimal when using the CRa. Other therapies may be necessary to explore first, in order to get the body in a state where it can be receptive to connecting appropriately.

Ideally, at least 20 minutes. More is even better. Keep in mind we are dealing with years of dysfunctional pathways that have been laid down inside your nervous system. And each day, “life” comes at us with stress and other distractions that make it easy to slide backward. So, just like brushing our teeth daily, we need to “brush our nervous system” to prevent and also transform our best parts inside. Since the CRa and CR method are so effective, you will end up losing time when you work out, rather, you will “gain time” by increasing energy levels, sleep quality, productivity, and overall quality of life and relationships.

This depends on the individual. In most cases, the effects are immediate with progress self-evident. We’ve found that some people are highly out of touch with their body, lacking self awareness. In other cases, people can be less focused and engaged. With Core Reprogramming, it is more important than other types of exercise to be present and connect through the exercise with high quality. Don’t worry here, this ability improves as you practice.

CR is the method and technique, including both art and science.   The CRa on the other hand is the tool that Matthew Fischer invented to “fast-forward” the transformational changes in the body. 

If there are any defects with your CRa, we are happy to send you a new CRa. We will also send a postage paid return label for the original CRa.

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